Which Accessories Do I Need For A Rainwater Harvesting System?

3 Dec 2020


When purchasing a rainwater harvesting system for the first time, it can be difficult to understand which accessories you need to keep it running smoothly. There are a few common issues which can occur with rainwater harvesting tanks, but you can resolve these problems easily by installing the right accessories. We have outlined the most important accessories below, and the importance of purchasing them.

Pumps and Controls

For a rainwater harvesting system, it’s important to purchase the right pumps and controls.

A rainwater pump is needed to pump the water out of your rainwater tank and through to your home or garden. This will provide you with a pressurised water flow, straight to your taps. Most rainwater pumps are submersible, meaning they will sit within your rainwater tank. Rainwater pumps are normally pressure operated, using a pressure switch to ‘sense’ when the pressure in the pipes drop and instantly switching on the pump.

All of our complete rainwater systems come with all the pumps & controls you will need. However, if you have a tank already and need a new pump, we offer them separately.

We stock Divertron products, as they are market leaders for quality rainwater harvesting pumps. They are very efficient, with high output but low energy consumption. We offer a 1 year warranty on these pumps, so that you can get it replaced if you were to have any issues.

Spacer Rings & Covers

Spacer rings help you to gain a deeper foundation for your rainwater harvesting system, as they extend the shaft of your tank up to ground level. They come in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

We sell a driveable package with a spacer ring, for F-Line tanks. This enables you to install your rainwater harvesting tank in your driveway. The spacer ring helps to make the tank telescopic (longer in length), to spread the loading of the tank and reduce the chance of any damage occurring.

Pressure Vessels

A pressure vessel is an important upgrade for your rainwater harvesting system, as it can prevent pump chasing.

Pump chasing occurs when there is a leak or a dripping tap attached to your rainwater harvesting system. Pressure operated pumps turn off whenever the pressure drops, so when there is a slow leak, the pump will turn on. However, there won’t be sufficient flow to keep the pump running, and the pressure will gradually build, triggering the pump to switch off again.

This process can repeat over and over again, which is known as pump chasing.

A pressure vessel helps as it will hold some water and air at pressure. If the tap drips, the pressure in the pipe will be held until the water has emptied from the pressure vessel. This will prevent the pump from switching on, reducing the chances of your pump wearing out.

Pumps can be expensive to replace, which is why we recommend installing a pressure vessel. We can help to recommend the right pressure vessel for your rainwater harvesting system.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team for further information, please contact us today and we will be happy to help you.

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