New British Water guide for sewage treatment plants

21 Sep 2020


What is British Water?

British Water is an active trade association focused on delivering innovative solutions through research and technology to improve the water industry. Its members come from a range of organisations across the sector. The main focus of its activity is improving water and wastewater solutions and promoting best practice for the water industry in the UK and internationally, as well as supporting all of its members to enhance and grow their businesses.

New sewage treatment plant user guide

As part of British Water’s work to support the water industry it has produced a sewage treatment plant user guide. This guide offers detailed information for owners and users of sewage treatment plants. It includes sewage treatment plant operating details and some key do’s and don’ts, in addition to clear guidance on maintenance, servicing and emptying to maximise the life of your sewage treatment plant. It also contains new Environment Agency regulations to ensure that any off-mains wastewater system does not pollute the environment. As well as information around sewage treatment plants, there is helpful information on how water softeners, dishwashers, washing machines and waste disposal units can affect on your sewage treatment plant.

Who does the guide benefit?

The guide benefits anyone who currently has a sewage treatment plant for their wastewater management, as well as anyone looking to purchase or build a property with an off-mains water system. It provides a full understanding of sewage treatment plants and how to look after them. It is especially important to understand the new regulations introduced in January 2020 which state how wastewater is discharged to ensure it is compliant. If you are unsure whether your sewage treatment system is compliant. The most effective way to confirm this is to arrange for home drain survey. There is more information on home drain surveys available on our site.

How to access the guide

If you do have a sewage treatment plant or are buying a property with one, you can download the British Water User Guide from the Owls Hall Environmental website here. Owls Hall Environmental Ltd is a member of British Water and has been since 2007. We are very active in all of our projects and research. Craig Finbow, Managing Director of Owls Hall, is currently the Convenor for British Water Package Treatment Plant (PTP) group. If you are still unsure about how to manage your sewage treatment plant, wish to arrange servicing or emptying for your tank or a home drain survey, please contact our expert team here.

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