Making good use of rainwater with a harvesting system

8 Sep 2016


Water is of vital importance to our everyday lives and needs, yet we rarely think about its origins.

So where does our mains water comes from?

Regional water companies have two ways of sourcing water. The first is through underground reserves called aquifers, which are permeable water-bearing rocks that hold water from rainfall. The second is through above-ground sources – rivers and reservoirs. These water supply systems are nothing new and have been around for centuries, much like rainwater harvesting.

What is rainwater harvesting and what is its history?

Rainwater harvesting is a system which collects rainwater from rivers, reservoirs or rainfall on roofs and is transported via pipes and stored in tanks or cisterns. The water is then re-used for the garden, livestock, in the home or as drinking water.

Rainwater harvesting has been common practice in many countries around the world for centuries, usually within the agricultural community.

Why choose a rainwater harvesting System?

As we move closer to a more sustainable lifestyle, many of us are tackling depletion of the earth’s resources by re-using and recycling on a global and local scale. Water can be re-used with the installation of a rainwater harvest system. So what are the benefits of having a rainwater harvesting tank system?

Firstly, you will always have an additional source of free water whether or not there is a variation in rainfall.

Secondly, the rainwater harvesting system allows you to store excess rainwater, in order to help prevent flooding.

Thirdly, as rainwater is untreated it is better for plants and agriculture so it can be stored and used as irrigation when necessary.

What can rainwater be used for?

Primarily rainwater can be re-used for flushing the toilet, washing clothes, washing the car and watering the garden.

Although rainwater is relatively free from impurities, how it has been collected or stored may impact on the quality. Before rainwater can be used as drinking water it has to go through a process of filtering and treatment.

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