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Secoh Air Pumps

Secoh air pumps lead the way in the wastewater industry with efficient, compact designs and low maintenance requirements. Owls Hall stocks a range of Secoh’s JDK pumps, allowing you to choose the exact oxygen output required for your sewage treatment plant. As a rule, Secoh products are compact and lightweight, requiring minimal work to get them up and running. They are durable and easy to repair should it become necessary to do so in the future.

Secoh’s JDK range is available to buy online from Owls Hall. These pumps all use a uniform, modular design which means it’s easy to buy new parts for them in the future. Choose between four levels of oxygen output, from 120 litres per minute to 300, to ensure that you buy the right pump for your plant. Contact Owls Hall if you need any help working out which option is right for you. We also sell Secoh spares if you need to repair your current pump.

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