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Klargester Repairs


Bringing your Klargester back to good working order 

Even well maintained sewage treatment plants can from time to time need repairs. Owls Hall Environmental have years of experience repairing damaged Klargester sewage treatment systems. We are then able to offer an ongoing service and emptying contract to help keep it at its optimal performance.

Klargester Repairs

The Klargester BioDisc is a motor driven sewage treatment plant (an RBC or Rotating Biological Contactor).  The motor, gearbox and bearings need regular servicing to avoid repair work being necessary.

Klargester Sewage Plant Servicing - Owls Hall

However, every sewage treatment plant can go wrong. Whether you have moved into a house with a failed sewage treatment system, or yours has failed for whatever reason, Owls Hall have the experience to repair it.

Following a repair we can then offer a servicing and emptying contract to help ensure the system stays at its optimum performance.

Did you know that with a 24 hour answering service and well stocked vans, we aim to diagnose and repair systems on the first visit.  We repair all types of septic tanks, cesspits, cesspools, sewage treatment plants, rainwater harvesting and pumping stations.  Call us on 01371 850537 to discuss your needs.

Bad smellssoggy ground and water not draining from the house quickly enough, are all signs that your Klargester septic tank is not coping. Contact us now to arrange a call out.

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