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Micro 200 Litre sewage pump station

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The micro 200L single pump station is ideal for basements, annexes or outhouses. With 50mm solids handling, the pump can take any household wastewater including WC’s

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Product Description

A package pump station is used to pump wastewater when a gravity fall cannot be achieved to the sewer. The underground storage chamber receives waste from the building, where it is then pumped to the main sewer.

The single pump micro range is particularly suited to pumping water from an annex, outhouse, or an extension where the normal sewage waste pipes are higher in the ground than the new waste pipes. For pumping waste water from a whole house you should install a twin pump system.

Coming with a 50mm solids handling vortex pump, the Micro Pump station does not ‘macerate’ (churn up) the waste, this helps to prevent blocking.  6m or 10m ‘head’ options are available. Depending on how far and high you need to lift the water.

Stainless steel construction.
50mm (2″) solids handling capacity
Coolant filled motor.
Mechanical seal.
10 Meter cable.
Max 6 Meter lift.
Max flow 5 L/sec
Float switch as standard.

Polyethylene tank.
Capacity: 200L
Screw down lid (Pedestrian rated, other options are available)
1 x 110mm inlet seal to allow inlet to be drilled on site.
40mm cable duct.
2″ internal pipe work
2″ non-return valve
2″ quick release coupling
2″ cable duct
audible/visual high level alarm available.

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Vortex Pump with 6 metre head, Vortex Pump with 10 metre head