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Wastewater Installation Services

Installation of a new sewage system can be a daunting prospect for most homeowners. Owls Hall give careful consideration to all aspects of an installation to make the process as easy and stress-free for all of our customers. With 50 years experience, we have installed thousands of treatment plants across the South East and East Anglia.


With many treatment plants on the market, it is hard for homeowners to navigate their way through the pros and cons of the various products and how they might function within their property. Owls Hall has a wealth of experience with sewage treatment plants and can help you to select the right product for your installation. We also have a detailed understanding of legislation to ensure you are fully compliant.


A septic tank is a simple system for holding settled solids and allowing liquid to drain through the ground via a drainage field. Care must be taken to size the drainage field correctly, and attention is paid to ventilation and ground conditions to ensure that when we install your septic tank, it remains trouble free for the lifetime of the system.


Installation of a cesspit is normally a last resort, used only when no discharge is allowed or achievable. Cesspits need to be sized and installed in a way that appeases building control. A good quality alarm must be fitted to notify the owner when it needs to be emptied, thus avoiding contamination.


Whether domestic, or commercial, selecting and installing a pump station is best performed by an experienced contractor. For long term trouble free use, good quality pumps and controls must be used. Owls Hall have installed, and maintain hundreds of pumps and can undertake this installation for you, elevating the stress and worry that can come with it.





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