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Commercial Seperators


Do I need a  commercial separator?

Oil separators are fitted to surface water drainage systems to prevent pollution by oils and fats and therefore protecting the environment. The Groundwater Regulations, for example, forbid discharge into the ground and/or watercourses of pollutants such as hydrocarbons (greases, oils, fuel etc.). We provide specialist support on the installation of commercial drainage separators.

Oil separators need to be correctly designed, installed and maintained to be fully effective.

Do I need a Separator?

Oil and fats may be contaminating surface water at various sites. Sites need to have measures in place to prevent oil polluting the environment. These would include:

  • Vehicle maintenance, car washes and wash-off areas
  • Car parks typically larger than 800m2 in area or for 50 or more car parking spaces
  • Smaller car parks discharging to a sensitive environment
  • Areas where goods vehicles are parked or manoeuvred
  • Roads
  • Industrial sites where oil is stored or used
  • Refuelling facilities
  • Any other site with a risk of oil contamination.

Please contact our commercial drainage separator experts for further information.

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