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Gravity Feed Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Gravity Feed Rainwater Harvesting systems

A Gravity feed rainwater harvesting system utilities a header tank to supply water to toilets and washing machines. The main rainwater tank is burred underground, water is filtered and pumped up to the header tank. The benefits of this style of system are that the mains water back up does not have to go out to the main rainwater tank.

The Owls Hall RainSmart system utilities a smart header tank, which only uses mechanical valves to start and stop the main pump. they operate at a high and low level, therefore you can have multiple toilet flushes before the pump starts, saving wear and tear on the pump.


  • Less wear and tear on pump
  • Continuation of use during power cut
  • Low energy consumption
  • No electrical components in headertank
  • Ultra-fine filtration for the best water quality

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