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7500L Direct House system

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The 7500L Direct-Rain is a direct feed Rainwater Harvesting system. The Direct-Rain uses the popular F-line Filter tank to filter and store the collected rainwater. It benefits from using a high quality automatic start-stop pump from the leading pump manufacturer Dab.

Furthermore, it features a mains water top-up that has built in leak detection for peace of mind, and a 3-stage particle filter to protect toilet valves from fine particles.

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Product Description

The 7500L Direct-Rain is a high-quality solution for reusing rainwater in the home for toilet flushing, washing clothes and garden usage. The Direct-Rain is a complete package offering an unrivaled level of water filtration for the highest quality of water possible.

Not only is water filtered upon entry to the tank, and again before the pump, but for the ultimate in protection against fine particles a 3 stage filter is added to the incoming water supply, filtering down to 0.01mm.

Rainwater Harvesting - Water for your toilet



Rainwater Harvesting - Water for your washing machine



Rainwater Harvesting - Water your Garden



Rainwater Harvesting - Water for washing your car



How it works:

DirectRain  is a direct feed Rainwater Harvesting system. Water is taken from the roof and stored in an underground container. The water is pumped using a pressure operated pump to the toilets. A pressure operated pump turns itself on when it senses a pressure drop within the pipes it is connected to (ei: when a toilet flushes).

If the water in the Rainwater tank runs low, a sensor in the tank opens a valve to top up a small volume of water, preventing the tank from running dry.

It’s simple, right?

Yes, it’s simple. However, the devil is in the detail: A direct feed rainwater system relies solely on its underground pump (this is why we only use a high-quality pump from leading pump manufacturers DAB. A pressure operated pump will turn on if it registers a pressure drop in the pipes (when a toilet flushes). But also, if there is a leak in a toilet valve. Therefore, a dripping toilet valve will cause the pump to turn on and off rapidly (often called pump chasing). A pump turning on and off rapidly can burn out in a matter of months.

Don’t worry though Rainwater is clean, right?

Yes, but leaves and debris must be removed. A well-maintained rainwater harvesting system with good filtration will not allow any particles to enter the toilet valves and this problem wont exist. The Direct Rain system goes above and beyond with higher level of filtration to give that extra level of comfort and super clean water.

Four Stages of filtration – For the ultimate in water quality

  1. In tank filtration:  built-in filter within the tank to stop leaves entering the tank.
  2. Calming inlet: any fine particles will settle to the bottom and due to the calming inlet pipe fitted to our system, they won’t be disturbed. It can take 10-15 years for sediment to build up to a point where it may need to be removed.
  3. Pump Particle filter: with a mesh size of 0.5mm to ensure no sediment gets through the pump.
  4. HydraRainmaster Trio: This filter is there for protection. By the time the water gets into the house it should have no fine particles. However, this added protection illuminates the risk by filtering to 0.01mm. We also include the carbon filter element into this filter (carbon is what is in a Britta filter) to ensure that water is crystal clean.

In summary

The DirectRain system by Owls Hall Environmental is not a budget system. It’s not an expensive system. It’s a high-quality solution to provide water to a home. We’ve used the most popular and well tested pump on the market, the best tank available, and the highest level of filtration possible to ensure this system runs flawlessly for years to come.

Call our friendly, expert technical team to discuss your Rainwater Harvesting installation on: 01844 877030

Whats included in the kit:

  • F-line 7500L Filter tank
  • Vs60 Shaft Extension
  • Top cover with child proof locking system
  • DAB Divertron Pump with 0.55mm large mesh filter
  • Hydra-Rainmaster Trio consisting of:
    • 1 x 90 micron filter (0.09mm)
    • 1 x 10 micron filter (0.01mm)
    • 1 x Carbon Filter
  • Mains Water top up with leak protection alarm
  • 25m x 25mm Green/Black MDPE rainwater pipe (including fittings)
  • Rainwater label pack (warning labels for mains valve, and rainwater appliances)
  • Installer manuals
  • Owners Guide
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