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Rainwater Harvester Servicing & Maintenance


Keeping your commercial rainwater harvester in top condition

Many companies use commercial rainwater harvesting in their new offices or buildings to reduce overall water consumption. Regular servicing of a rainwater harvesting system is essential to ensure its long term operation.

Maintaining Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Despite the large variety of different styles of rainwater harvesters on the market, our technical team are able to quickly identify the style of your system, rectify any faults present and provide a regular service if required.

Most systems used in commercial premises use a break tank; water stored in the main rainwater tank is pumped to a break tank and then delivered to the appliances either by gravity or pumps. There should always be a leaf filter that needs regular cleaning and, in many applications, UV disinfection is used to ensure water is free from bacteria.

A standard commercial rainwater harvesting system will need these items to be completed during a service:

  • Leaf filters should be checked and cleaned
  • Pumps should be checked for their performance
  • Any mains back up should be tested for operational functionality (float switches and solenoid valves)
  • Pressure vessel should be checked to ensure it is at correct pressure
  • Delivery pumps should be checked for performance
  • Any UV system should have its lamp replaced
  • Pre-UV particle filters need to be checked and changed as necessary

Owls Hall Environmental has direct links to main UK suppliers and the team is able to quickly identify faults and rectify problems should they occur.

Regular maintenance can prevent any future problems and save money in the long run. Booking a regular system service is easy; just call our friendly team giving the details of the system you have and we can arrange a visit.

If you’re interested in getting a rainwater harvester installed our upgraded, contact us today.


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